Local Quaker History

Pullman-Moscow Monthly Meeting was initially an unaffiliated Quaker worship group that met in people's homes. In time we became a worship group under the care of Eastside Monthly Meeting, located in Bellevue, Washington.

In the mid-1980's we became a "Monthly Meeting" in our own right. (Worship Groups and Monthly Meetings are the basic organizing units for Quakers in local communities.) 

For many years we met for worship on the campus of the University of Idaho in the Campus Christian Center. In 2018 we changed our in-person meeting venue to Fairview Village in Moscow, Idaho.

With the advent of COVID in 2020 we met only online for worship and business. We have continued to meet online, but in 2024 included a monthly in person meeting for worship with online participation. 

Meeting online provides the opportunity to reach a wider community. We regularly have attenders from outside the immediate vicinity who would otherwise be unable to attend.