Join us in weekly "unprogrammed" meeting for worship. We meet online, and once a month we hold a "blended" in-person meeting with online attenders, at a designated location.

We gather in silence in an expectant waiting upon God. With no outward ceremony, we collectively seek the presence of the Holy Spirit. In a creative and reverent stillness, we try to be open to the love, wisdom and will of God.

A leading to share one's thoughts may come to any one of us. These words are often of help to others and are not intended to lead to discussion. This kind of Meeting is always a venture of faith. We invite you to share in our Meeting for Worship.

After the close of Meeting and announcements, there is a social time with check-ins, and you are welcome to ask us any questions you may have.

Awareness Project

A few years ago our Meeting embarked on a journey to improve our "awareness" of the impact of European and Settler Colonialism on the indigenous peoples in the United States, with particular emphasis on our immediate locations.

We have watched videos, read books, held discussions, made field trips, attended online presentations and webinars, and hosted a public presentation by native American authors, in the course of this journey.

Our next Awareness Project public discussion is anticipated to occur around Indigenous People's Day in 2024 at the Pullman Neill Public Library, where we will watch a film about the "Doctrine of Discovery".   We will post specific times for that viewing nearer the date.

Events Calendar

Our events calendar describes near term planned activities. Each event that includes online attenders contains a link to enter that event's online activity. Buttons to enter an online event are only active on the day of the event.